Do Your Trees Need Some Love?

Find out if you could benefit from tree fertilization service in in Prosper, Frisco, and McKinney, TX!

Your lawn isn't the only thing that needs to be fertilized-your trees need nutrients, too. Like any other plant, trees are affected by the soil and are susceptible to disease when not properly cared for.

Tree fertilization requires the attention of an experienced lawn care professional. You can trust Terra Lawn Care Weed Control & Fertilization in Celina, Frisco and McKinney and Prosper, TX to handle that job. We perform effective tree and shrub fertilization every six weeks from March through October.

tree fertilization prosper tx,

Learn more about our treatment plans

You can always count on us to give your yard exactly what it needs. We'll survey your landscape, discuss the best treatment plan with you and give you a quote. Our treatment plans include a combination of:

  • Tree and shrub fertilization: We'll determine which fertilizer will work best for your plants.
  • Disease control: We'll assess the health of your plants and treat any diseased trees.
  • Root stimulation: We'll help create a healthy environment for strong plant growth.
  • Insect control: We'll protect your landscape and home from harmful pest infestations.

Our shrub and tree fertilization services are separate from our regular lawn care program. Contact us today to get a tree or shrub fertilization quote in Prosper, Frisco, TX and surrounding cities!

Early Spring - Deep Root Fertilization and Insect Control
Late Spring - Fertilization and Insect Control
Summer - Fertilization and Insect Control
Early Fall - Deep Root Fertilization and Insect Control

Pricing begins at $24.99 per treatment.